Mama Coco’s Funky Kitchen is a full service recording studio and production house located in the Bushwick neighborhood of Brooklyn, NY. Sporting a breathtaking and beautiful sounding live room, a host of high-end analog equipment and tons of extra room for your comfort. Mama Coco’s is a dynamic, creative and exciting place to make a record. It is also home to the MCFK Collective, a wide-spanning network of stylistically diverse but creatively united musicians practicing their art and developing their craft together. With founder and head engineer Oliver Ignatius at the controls, Mama Coco’s is producing tomorrow’s sound today!
Oliver Ignatius is an autodidact and a bipolar musical savant. Growing up oversees as the son of successful career driven journalists, a young self motivated Oliver started cultivating what would become a lifelong obsession with music from a disassociated perspective. Following an uncomfortable brush with mainstream pop music success as a young teenager, when he was signed to V2 Records and featured in the NY Times and MTV, Ignatius, feeling unfulfilled, wanted to help others realize the sounds in their heads. He founded MCFK studio in 2010, and worked tirelessly to cultivate himself as a skilled recording engineer and producer. He has since attracted an extensive network of musicians that has built itself into an ever-growing collaborative community, generating a constantly running artistic conversation in the MCFK studio. The support of this ever growing community of hundreds of creative and brave artists has allowed MCFK to flourish into a real force.

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23 Meadow st

Brooklyn, ny 



M-Su 12pm–12am